My name is Suyash Lakhotia and I’m currently in between my junior year and senior year of college in Singapore. I’m originally from India but I spent all my formative years in Jakarta, Indonesia, which I proudly call home.

Professionally, I’m a Computer Science major but I also dabble with photography, dance and now this blog. I’m extremely passionate about technology (software, in particular) and I usually have the same answer when people ask me why.

In which other field can you change the world with just a laptop, an Internet connection and a couple cups of coffee?

I love creating and building things I can call my own and I’m driven to get more people to share this passion with me. Personally, I don’t think we can ever have enough creators, innovators and builders around us.

You can find out more about my professional experience and current skillset at

Why blogging?

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog of sorts for the longest time now. The reason I say “of sorts” is because I want this to be a space where I can store my ideas, share my experiences and keep track of my progress in life, and I don’t really know if that falls under the conventional definition of a “blog”. Maybe this is more of a journal?

Right off the bat, I don’t know how often I will be posting, how long I plan to do this and if anyone will ever read anything I write here. But that’s not really the point of this. I just want to build content that I can look back on later.

Anyway, this little space on the Internet will be a collection of my thoughts, ideas and occasional rants on topics that catch my attention. I will be talking about the software projects I work on, places I travel to and observations I have on the world around me. Bit of a stretch? Perhaps, but we’ll work with it for now.

So…here goes nothing.

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